Goodbye Raggedy Man. We’ll always remember you..

“It’s been four years. It’s been the best four years. It’s been wonderful, it’s been a privilege to work under Steven. But I think when you gotta go, you gotta go… It’s sad, I’m going to miss it. I’m going to miss Comic-Con as well. It wasn’t an easy decision, but I dunno, you can’t play it forever. And, look, they’ll get someone amazing and brilliant, and that’s the great thing about the show. It continues, and it will get bigger and better. And you’ll forget about me.”

this will always be the moment that cemented Matt being my favourite doctor..  the moment i realised that this man was my doctor

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sam pepper’s new youtube video makes me sick.. how can a popular vlogger think that it is acceptable to sexually harass women and then post it on youtube.. 

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I appreciate that his brother has successfully learned how to block the left boob grab.

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what’s the point in playing a game you’re gonna lose?
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One of the first things they ask you in the ER is to rate your pain on a scale from 1 to 10. I’ve been asked this question hundreds of times and I remember once, when I couldn’t catch my breath and I felt like my chest was on fire, the nurse asked me to rate the pain. Though I couldn’t speak, I held up 9 fingers. Later, when I started feeling better, the nurse came in and she called me a fighter. “You know how I know?” she said, “You called a 10 a 9.” But that wasn’t the truth.

I didn’t call it a 9 because I was brave. The reason I called it a 9 was because I was saving my 10…and this was it. 

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Me whenever i try not to swear.

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"What is it about elevators?" he mutters (…) I struggle to keep up with him because my wits have been thoroughly and royally scattered all over the floor and walls of elevator three in the Heathman Hotel. - FSOG, Chapter 5

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c r y i n g  is the only way your eyes speak when your mouth can’t explain how things made your heart b r o k e n

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